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reCAPTCHA - Tout simplement génial : utilise des passages réfractaires a la reconnaissance de caractères lors de la numérisation de livres comme « captchas » dans les systèmes anti-pourriels.
Jugement majoritaire
b-src: Bioinformatics Packages Source Code Search Engine by gonzui: List of Packages
格安航空券の予約と空席照会 -格安航空券のことなら アドバンストラベル- - Une agence de voyages japonaise.
buildd-tools -- WebSVN
sidux.com :: debian based live cd development
Special Postdoctoral Researcher (SPDR) for FY2007 - "Non-Japanese applicants who are not permanent residents of Japan must, in addition to the above requirements, have completed a doctoral program at a Japanese graduate school (or must be preparing to complete such a program) and must have a doctoral degree (or expecting to secure a doctoral degree)."
The Peer Review
Buildd setup howto
Empires en Armes
[Histoire à jouer] Empires in Arms

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